1. Are you beatiful? ( sos hermosa?)
2. Is she happy? (ella esta feliz?)
3. Do you feel sad? (te sentis triste?)
4. Is he new in town? (El es nuevo en el pueblo?)
5. Does your mother feel well? (tu mama se siente bien?)
6. Are we thirdy? (nosotros estamos sedientos?)
7. Do they have self-esteem? ( ellos se tienen amor propio?)
8. Is the car black and red? (el auto es blanco y rojo?)
9. Does your dog look friendly? (tu perro es amistoso?)
10. Do you run quickly? (corres rapido?)

1- That joke was more fun than the last one.
2- That chair is more comfortable than an armchair.
3- My computer is more modern than his.
4- The milkshake is more delicious than the juice.
5- The book is more colorful than the notebook
6- The sweater is more old-fashioned than the jacket.
7- Documental are more interesting than cartoons.
8- The cinema is more expensive than the TV.
9- The butterfly is more beautiful than the fly.
10- A dress is more fashionable than a skirt.