Put the verbs into the correct tense ( simple present or present progressive)

1.look!he (leave)___________he house
2.quiet please! i (write)______________a test
3.she usually (walk)______________________to school
4.but look! today she (go)______________________________by bike
5.every sunday we (go)____________________________________to see my grandparents
6.he often (go)_______________to the cinema
7.we (play)______________________monopoly at the moment
8.the child seldom (cry)_______________
9. i (not / do )___________________________anything at the moment
10. (watch / he ) _____________________________________the news regularly?



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1.- Look he is leaving the house.
2.- Quiet please! I am writing a test.
3.- She usually walks to school.
4.- But look! today she is going by bike.
5.- Every sunday we go to see my grandparents. 
6.- He often goes to the cinema.
7.- We are playing monopoly at the moment.
8.- The child seldom cries.
9.- I am not doing anything at the moment.
10.- Does he watch the news regularly?