It is a municipality of Colombia, located in the North subregion of Antioquia. Bordered on the north by the municipalities of Belmira and Entrerríos, on the east by the municipality of Donmatías, on the south by the municipalities of Girardota, Copacabana and Bello and west with the municipality of San Jerónimo.

San Pedro de los Milagros is also called "Cultural North Gate" and "The Sistine Antioquia".

Its county seat is located 42 kilometers from the city of Medellin has land area of ​​229 square kilometers, is made ​​up of neighborhoods: The encenillos, the Garcias, beautiful view, the fifth center, the olives, the Carmel, worker , Bethlehem, Saint Judas, Calvary, Miraflores, Guamurú and miracle.

San Pedro de los Milagros has beautiful tourist spots, including the Minor Basilica "Señor de los Milagros", Junionato of "San Juan Eudes", "Represa de Rio Grande"and the "Llano de Ovejas".

Traditionally celebrated feasts of the "Señor de Los Milagros" in May, the festival of milk and its derivatives in the month of July and the National contest Bambuco "Jhon Jairo Torres de la Pava".