las siguientes oraciones utilizando en pasado simple de los verbos en

He did (do) his homework.

2. Mary WENT (go)
to school last week.

3. Did you ____________ (play)
football two weeks ago?

4. I ____________ (study)
French last year.

5. They _____________ (buy)
a new house last month.

6. John ___________ (take)
his driving test yesterday.

7. Bradley ____________ (go)
to Chicago last summer.

8. Did your parents ______________ (meet)
at university?

9. The teacher ______________ (speak)
very slow.

10. We _____________ (see)
him yesterday.



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1.- He did his homework.
2.- Mary went to school last week.
3.- Did you play football two weeks ago?
4.- I studied French last year.
5.- They bought a new house last month.
6.- John took his driving test yesterday.
7.- Bradley went to Chicago last summer.
8.- Did your parents meet at university?
9.- The teacher spoke very slow.
10.- We saw him yesterday.

1. He did (do)his homework.
2. Mary went (go) to school last week.
3. Did you play (play) football two weeks ago?
4. I studied (study)French last year.
5. They bought (buy) a new house last month.
6. John took(take) his driving test yesterday.
7. Bradley went (go) to Chicago last summer.
8. Did your parents met (meet) at university?
9. The teacher spoke (speak) very slow.
10.We saw (see)him yesterday.