1Apples are health ier than chips. (healthy)3. Elephants are big ger than bears. (big)4. Gold is more expensive than silver. (expensive)5. Bikes are slow er than cars. (slow)6. I am better at English than my brother. (good)7. My friend is tall er than me. (tall)8. Sandy is thin ner than Tamara. (Thin)9. My father is strong er than Tom´s father. (strong)10. “ Harry Potter” books are more interesting than “The Book of the Jungle”. (interesting)11. A tiger is more dangerous than a dog. (dangerous)12. Coffee is hot ter than an ice cream. (hot)13. The girls are happ ier than the boys. (happy)14. Pereira is more beautiful than Cartago. (beautiful)15. Japanese is more difficult than English. (difficult)16. Tina is 5 years old. Sandra is 10 years old. Sandra is older than Tina. (old)17. Russia is large r than France. (large). I am worse at mathematics than my best friend. (bad). Love is more important than money. (important)19. A BMW i sn´t cheap er than a Spark. (cheap)20. An airplane is more comfortable than a bus. (comfortable)
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