-how are you?
- fine thanks and you?...
¡La mejor respuesta!
Waiter/waitress: can i take your order?
person: sorry, i haven´t made p my mind yet
other person: oh, ok. i´ll go first. what´s the soup of the day?
waiter/waitress: it´s mushroom soup
other person: ok, i´ll have the soup to start, followed by the chicken, please.
waiter/waitress: fine. anything to drink?
other person: just water, please.
waiter/waitress: fine. and have you decided yet?
person: yes, i have. i´ll have the tomato and avocado salad to start, followed by vegetable lasagne 
waiter/waitress: and to drink?
person: orange juice, please
waiter/waitress: ok, i´ll bring your drinks shortly
espero que te sirva no sabía como lo necesitabas de largo ni de cuantas personas, si no te vale dímelo y lo cambio, chao.