Hola, necesito una conversación en ingles par dos personas que dure al menos cinco minutos aproximadamente, el tema puede ser sobre la opinión de tatuajes o de las pintadas en las calles, sobre tiendas o productos o sobre las catástrofes naturales



Maybe this conversation will help you:
In a store....

A= What on earth is this?

B= Oh, that´s called a Musical Finder.

A= Uhmm...Musical Finder I've never hear about that

B= Well, it's the most wonderful new gadget on the market today!

A= Oh really? What's it for?

B= It's used for finding things, and it´s terrific! Look. You clip it on your glasses at night so you can find them in the morning. Then you just clap twice and you hear a tune.

A= That´s sounds terrific! but I don't wear glasses.... thanks anyway.