Oraciones en Voz Activa:

- Carlos is visiting his mom.
- Luis is going to the doctor.
- Joey is working pretty hard.
- Marie and Daniel are eating brownies.
- Mom and dad are working.
- My brother and my friend are engaged.

Oraciones en Voz Pasiva

- The letter is being written by daniel.
- The party is being thrown by Luis.
- Luis is bitten by a dog.
- Carlos and Marie are wanted by the police.
- My dog and cat are being showered by my dad.
- The houses are painted by the goverment.
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Passive voice

In the future, many cities will be blocked by the traffic.

Joe and his friends will be arrested by the police.

The fire could have been caused by an electrical fault.

All the fights were cancelled by they.

Her house is being redecorating again.

active voice:

I'm studying for my exams

The shop will be opening the next week.

He doesn't want to see me again.

she dislikes me

Tom starts the flight