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Where was she sleeping?
She was sleeping in my bed.

What were they doing?
They were playing football.

Why was he sad?
He was sad because his dog is died.

When were you doing your homework?
I was doing my homework at night.

Why was Tom studying?
He was studying because he had a science's exam.

Where was Helen swimming?
She was swimming in the sea.

Where was that remote control?
It was under the sofá.

Where were you last night?
I was at the cinema.

Where were they three days ago?
They were in London.

Where were my glasses yesterday morning?
They were in the table.

Why was the baby crying?
He was crying because he was hungry.

 Who was your first friend in school? 
My first friend was Harry.

Why was your dad studying french?
Because he was bored at home.

Who was your gym teacher?
My gym teacher was Daniel.

What was she doing when you first saw her?
She was reading a Marvel comic.

What was the teacher saying?
She was saying the date of the exam.

Why were you so happy?
I was happy because I passed all my exams.

What were you reading?
I was reading a Harry Potter's book.

Where were my parents?
They were at the shopping centre.

Where were you going?
I was going to the supermarket to buy some vegetables.
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