1.- The words in bold are in the wrong sentences. Write them next to the correct sentences.
a) Don't get up. Try again.

b)I'm exhausted si I'm going to grow up tonight.

c)It's complicated but I'm sure del can give up the problem.

d)Please put out all your clothes from the floor.

e)What do they want to be when they stay up?

f)It's important to deal with the fire before it spreads.

g)There's no school tomorrow so I don't have to stay in early.

h) If you pick up late, you will be tired tomorrow.



A) give up 
b) stay up 
c) deal with 
d) pick up 
e) grow up 
f) put out 
g) get up
h) stay in 
creo que es así, espero que esté bien, chao.