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Edward Lear was born in Holloway, London in 1812. His father was a stockbroker and he was brought up largely by his sister Ann. He is chiefly remembered for his nonsense poetry, the first volume of which was written for his patron's grandchildren in 1846 and was simply entitled A Book of Nonsense. It contained Lear's favourite poetic format, the limerick, and was illustrated throughout. His poetry was henceforth marked by an air of ludicrous fantasy, as well as a unique inventiveness. His real fame was secured by poems from Nonsense Songs (1871) such as 'The Owl and the Pussy-cat' that you can read and listen here. Although other poets had attempted nonsense verse before Edward Lear, his poetry really defined the genre. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of his work is the way the incongruity remains fresh no matter how many times you read it. It's not that easy at all to write nonsense that sticks in the mind.
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