* afirmativa: i'll do my homework
* negativa: i don't brush my hair
* interrogativa: do yo play that game?


* afirmativa: she'll does wash it
* negativas: he doesn't go to working
* interrogativa: does she eat?

I DO MY HOMEWORK (yo hago mi tarea)
HE DOES LIKE TO EAT BANANAS (a el le gusta comer platanos)
HE DON'T LIKE NICE WITH THE PEOPLE (a el no le gusta ser gentil con la gente)
HE DOESN'S THINK ABOUT YOU (el no piensa en ti)

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I don´t have anything (no tengo nada)
I don´t like your necklace ( no me gusta tu collar )
I don' t my homework (no hago mi tarea)

I don´t like marihuana ( No me gusta la marihuana)
Don´t you see me? ( No me ves?)

I don't my bed. (Yo no hago mi cama)

Don´t do it(no la hagas)

Espero que te sirva , besitos :D

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