Conventionally, the courtship is a transient relationship between a man and a woman, which provides the opportunity to meet more in depth to decide at some point move to the next phase which is marriage.

The courtship consists of five stages are:

    1. attraction, that can be physical, emotional or both.
    2. uncertainty: it is when there is doubt whether the couple chosenis appropriate.
    3. exclusive: lets go out alone with a person and give and take of it and her.
    4. intimacy: both are given to the relationship, are released and begin to show their strengths and weaknesses.
    5. commitment: the relationship becomes deeper and the conviction that there is the right person for a more formal relationship such as marriage.

During adolescence therefore can not properly speak of courtship in the absence of the maturational basis for establishing a formalrelationship commitment, as understood in the case of adults.

The relationships in adolescence can be very intense and evenpassionate. As a result of physical and psychological transformationthat are suffering, emotions are heightened and the sense that characterizes idealist causes the sensation of living the great love of his life, as the storm disappointments.

However, the experience of relationships at this age helps young people in their first trials in this new form of relationship is also a growing experience required own age. All this provided you have obtained the appropriate direction and guidance from parentsprimarily.