1 she walked all day
2 did you eat your breakfast?
3 he didn't read the newspaper
4 we watched a good movie yesterday
5 did he clean his room?
6 they didn't play with their dolls
7 we started the fire
8 did she dance in the morning?
9 he didn't sing in the church
10 they cried when their father died
1 I worked yesterday "Yo trabajé ayer"
2 I saw the film last night "Yo vi la película la pasada noche"
3 I didn't work yesterday "No trabajé ayer"
4 I didn't like the film " No me gustó la película"
5 What did you do in the morning yestarday ? "¿qué hiciste ayer por la mañana?"
6 Did you watch Tv yesterday? "¿Viste la televisión ayer?"
7 I went out with my friends last weekend. "Salí con mis amigos el pasado fin de semana"
8 I didn't go to the cinema with my boyfriend last week "No fui al cine con mi novio la pasada semana"
9 Did you read the book? "¿leíste el libro?"
10 I ate fish and chips "Comí pescado con patatas"