Act I Scene 1:
1.- What must happen for four days before Theseus's wedding?
2.-How did Lysander capture Hermia's heart?
3.- What will happen to Hermia if she doesn't marry Demetrius?
4.- Why is it a good idea for Lusander and Hermia to get married at the rich aunt's house?
5.- Why is Helena suffering, and in her opinion, who is responsible for this?.
6.- Why is Helena going to tell Demetrius about Hermia and Lysander's plans?

Acto 1 Scene 2:
1.-What problem has Flute got with his role, and how will he solve it?
2.-Why is it good for Snug to play the part of an animal?
3.-What will the duke do to the actors if they frighten the ladies?
4.- Why do the actors decide to have their rehearsals in the wood?

Acto 2 Scene 1:
1.- Why is Oberon angry with Titania?
2.- Why is the Indian boy special to Titania?
3.- What is special about the purple flower called love-in-waiting?
4.- How will Oberon cure Titania of her love for an ugly animal?
5.- According to Oberon, how will Puck know who Demetrius is?

Acto 2 Scene 2:
1.-Why doesn't Hermia let Lysander sleep near her?
2.-What does Puck do with the love juice?
3.- How does Lysander feel about Hermia and Helena when he wakes up?

Acto 3 Scene 1
1.-What three things does Bottom want to explain to the audience?
2.- What will Puck do to Bottom and why?
3.- How does Titania feel about the ass when she sees him?

Acto 3 Secene 2
1.- In Oberon's opinion, what mistake did Puck make?
2.- Who does Demetrius see when he wakes up, and how does he feel about this person?
3.- What reason did Puck give for his mistake?
4.- Why does Puck confuse Lysander and Demetrius and how does he do this?
5.- What will the antidote do to Lysander?

Acto 4 Scene 1
1.- In your opinion, what do Titania's questions to Bottom show about her feelings for him?
2.- What does Oberon give Titania and what is the result of this?
3.- What did Titania dream?
4.- Why is the morning light a problem for Oberon and Titania?
5.- Who will get married at the same time as Theseus and Hippolyta?
6.- Why did Hermia and Lysander come into the wood?
7.- What strange thing happened to Demetrius in the wood and what is the result of this?
8.- Why must the lovers return Athens?
9.- How did the Duke's attitude to the lovers change?
10.- How will Bottom tell people about this strange dream?

Acto 4 Scene 2
1.- Give reasons why Bottom is the best person to play role of Pyramus.
2.- Why are the actors happy to see Bottom when he enters?
3.- In Bottom's opinion, what will the Duke choose and why?

Acto 5 Scene 1
1.- Why doesn't Theseus believe the lovers' strange story about their night in the wood?
2.- Philostrate gives Theseus a piece of paper. What is it?
3.- Why did Philostrate cry and what was strange about this?
4.- In Quince's opinion, why is the lion horrible?
5.- How do Pyramus and Thisby speak to each other?
6.- What happens when Thisby sees the lion?
7.- What does Pyramus do when he finds Thisby's cape and why?
8.- In Theseus' opinion, why isn't an epilogue to the play necessary?
9.- What will the spirits and fairies do after midnight?
10.- Some people will perhaps be offended by the play. What should they do?



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