I do my work.----- hago my trabajo.
... She does her homework------- ella hace su tarea.
.... Hansel does his project---- Hansel hace su proyecto
Do it by yourself ( hagalo ud mismo)
Do you know Texas? ( conoces Texas)
Does it works? (Eso funciona?)
I don´t have anything...... no tengo nada
I don´t like your necklace...... no me gusta tu collar
I don' t my homework, ...... no hago mi tarea.
........ She doesn´t have clothes...... no tiene ropa.
..... María doesn´t go to the party .... María no va a la fiesta
¡La mejor respuesta!
Respect everybody at all times.
Do your homework every night.
Greet everyone at school.
Bring your working material at all times.
Answer the questions politely.
Help ypur classmates whenever you can.
Get to class early every day.
Listen to your teachers carefully.
Write down all the indications.
Sit properly in class.
Don't get to class late.
Don't forget to bring your working material every day.
Don't talk in class.
Don't blame others for your mistakes.
Don't eat in class.
Don't use your cell phone in class.
Don't forget to write down all ths instructions.
Don't leave your class before it finishes.
Don't laugh in class.
Don't skip your exercises.