Indicative Mood:
Expresses with certainty that a particular person performs or performed an action in the present or past bone EXAMPLES =
I study at Laura
I was playing football this afternoon
I'm making the task of Castilian
I chat with my friends
I help my dad wash the car
I help my mother to wash the slab
I study hard for my social assessment
I have fun with my friends
I sleep late
I, I fix

Subjunctive mood: the action is expressed as a desire or request EXAMPLE
I want a car
I would like you changed your
I wish not mistaken
I would not have treated you so badly
I wanted to change things
I would like you to treat me differently
I wish that you loved me
I want to be your friend
I wanted to pass this subject
I would like you to be with me always
Who is eating? 
who is jumping?
who is in there? 
who is screaming?
who is being mean?
who is wearing those shoes?
who is singing?
who went to the party?
who was in the bathroom?
Who went to school today?

which color is good?
which one is the best?
which one is typing ?
which one of those are yelling?
which one is cold?
which one of those are boring?
which one of these are cool?
which one is ugly?
which one of these are awesome?
which one is bigger?