1.There isn't a book on the table.
2. There isn't any water in the glass.
3. There isn't  any butter in the fridge.
4. There isn't an apple in the basket. 
5. There isn't a new teacher in my school.
6. There isn't an example on the board.
7. There isn't a new cinema downtown.
8. There isn't a large mall in my city.
9. There isn't any coffe left in the bottle.
10. There isn't a good show on TV tonight.
11. There isn't a market near my house.
12. There isn't any sugar left in the bowl.
13. There isn't any ink in the inkbottle.
14. There isn't a correct answer in that book.
15. There isn't any water in the tank.
16. There isn't a long paragraph in the reading.
17. There isn't a doctor in the hospital
18. There isn't a new board in my classroom.
19. There isn't a policeman in the park.
20. There isn't a secretary in that office.SUERTEEE:)
33 3 33
1. is there a car in my garage.?
2. is there a phone on my table?.
3. is there a computer in my house.?
4. is there a tree at park.?
5. is there a book under my chair.?
6. is there a calculator on my table.?
7. is there a tv between the door and the wall?.
8. is there a notebook under the calculator.?
9. is there a bag next to the book.?
10. is there a stereo under the tv.?
11. is there a book next to phone?
12. is  there a ball under the table?
13. is there a small ball next to the table.?
14. is there a chair under the table.?
15. is there a pencil next to book.?
16. is there a book under the bag?
17. is there a notebook under the tv?  there a computer between the phone and notebook?
19.Is there a pencil under the table?
20 Is there a notebook under the table?
31 4 31