ola por favor sacame los adjetivos los verbos y los sustantivos
del siguiente texto en ngles x favor es para mañana

children. it's really cool ! we enthusiastic them kayaking , sailing, camping and climbing. my lloked luisa is also an instructor. she teaches sailing and she also plays the guitar really well. I'm so jealous! the kids are very know and learn quickly . one day we had a problem . we went for a walk and one kid, alfedro,got lost. we know for him everywhere and we were really worried . after an hour, we found him near the lake.he was tired and very scared, but safe! we took him back to the camp and he ate a big dinner so he recovered fast.
the kids at the camp also go riding but some of them are afraid of horses now l friend you have to be careful with children.write and tell me about your summer vacation .take care, vanesa



Adjetivos Determinativosthis, that, these, those / every, each, either, neitherAdjetivos Calificativos - Página 1Colors: red, blue, … / Size: big, small, … / Shape: round, square, …Adjetivos Calificativos - Página 2Time: modern, old, … / Weather: rainy, sunny, … / Temperature: cold, hot, …Adjetivos Calificativos - Página 3Touch: hard, soft, … / Materials: iron, gold, … / Religion: Catholic, Muslin, …Adjetivos Calificativos - Página 4Condition: drunk, sober, … / Taste: sweet, sour, … / Cooking: boiled, fried, …Adjetivos Calificativos - Página 5Sound: loud, noisy, … / Opinion: good, bad, … / Personality: honest, modest, …Adjetivos Calificativos - Página 6Appearance: clean, dirty, … / Feelings & Moods: angry, happy, sad, …Adjetivos Cuantitativos (Quantifiers)some, many, much, a few, any, …Adjetivos GentiliciosSpanish, French, Italian, …Adjetivos Participiosinterested - interesting, bored - boring, …Adjetivos Compuestosa seven-year-old child, a hard-working man, …Adjetivos Numeralesone, two, … / first, second, … / double, triple, … / a half, a third, …Intensificadores de Adjetivosvery, too, quite, rather, fairly, so, such, enough
Children, is, cool, enthusiastic, kayaking, sailing, camping, climbung.
lloked(?) luisa, instructor, teaches, plays, well, am, jealous, kids, are, know, learn, quickly, day, had, problem, went, walk, kid, alfredo, lost, him,, were, worried, hour, found lake, was, tired, scared, safe, took, camp, ate, he, big, dinner, I, recovered, fast, go, riding, some, them, afraid, horses, friend, you, have, be, careful, write, tell, me, summer, take, care, vanessa