1. This time last year, I was living in Italy.
2. I was doing my homework yesterday afternoon.
3. He was working last weekend. 
4. I was sleeping, when the alarm clock rang. 
5. You were singing an English song. 
6. We were watching a movie.
7. My sister was playing with her friends.
8.I was marking and drilling the holes.
9. She was making a cake last week.
10. We were playing soccer last month.
1. I was not using a razor knife to peel the wire.
2. We were not replacing the hot water pipe and valve.
3. I was not using a pipe cutter to cut the copper pipe.
4. He was not tightening the compression fitting.
5. She was not cleaning the house.
6. They were not painting the house.
7. Carmen was not cooking lunch.
8. The children were not playing.
9. She wasn't waiting it in front of the bakery.
10. He wasn't doing his homeworks.