En ingles
Betty: Are you going to play tennis again? I thought you only went three times a week. This is the sixth time.
Dick: I know, I know. We are going to have a big match next month and I really want to do well.
Betty: Who is we?
Dick: John and I. The new doubles partner I told you about. He just moved here two months ago from Liverpool and he’s really good.
Betty: Well, I hope you do well, but I also hope that when this is over you’ll be home more.
Dick: I promise I will. In fact, I planned a surprise for this weekend.
Betty: You did?
Dick: Yep. We are going to the country for the entire weekend. Just you and me.
Betty: And the children?
Dick: They are going to stay with my mum. Everything is planned and worked out, so pack a bag my dear.
Betty: Oh Dick, that sounds great. Thank you so much!
Dick: I’m glad you’re happy. I’ll see you in an hour.
Betty: Ok. Take care love! 

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