Write sentences using this information: Time Activity 7.45 get up Example: He gets up at 7.45 8.00 have breakfast 9.00 Class 1 Geography 9.50 Class 2 Maths 11.20 Favourite class - Music 12.20 Class 7 - French 1.00 Go home and have lunch 2.30 Science 5.00 Play sports 7.00 Do homework in bedroom 8.15 watch favourite TV programme "The Simpsons"




 8.00 have breakfast:At 8 o´clock she has breakfast in her kitchen.

9.00 1 Class Geography:They are in class of geography at 9 o´clock.

9.50 2 class Maths:At 9 past ten you are doing the exercicies of geometry in the class of math.

11.20 Favourite class-music:We are playing the guitar at 11 to twenty in our favourite class,music.

12,20 class 7 french:He is in a bussy class, French at 12 to twenty.

1.00 go home and have lunch:  at 1 o´clock home and have lunch:Im going to home to have a good lunch.

2.30 science:He is having science lessons at 2 half past.

5.00 Play sports:She is playing sports and she´s very happy.

7.00 do homework in bedroom:She is doing her homeworks in her bedroom because her parents say to her at 7 oclock

8.15 watch favourite tv programme the simpsons:IM watching my favourite programme the simpson to take a nap at half past 8.