Te envio uno de 15. 
How often do you go to the cinema? I GO TO THE CINEMA EVERY DAY.
2.-Where are you from? I'M FORM MALLORCA
3.-What is your favourite color? MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS PINK.
4.-Do you like travell? YES,I LOVE TRAVEL?
5.-Are you excited? YES,I NEVER BEEN TO LONDON.
6.-This is your first exchange?YES,IT IS.
7.-What is your favourite subject?MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT IS SCIENCE.
8.-Do you like fish?NO,I HATE FISH!
10.-What are you doing?I'M READING A BOOK.
11.-Did you go to the park?Yes,yesterday i went.
12.-How old are you?I'M SIXTEEN.
13.-How much is it?IT IS 15 €
14.-What is your favourite sport' MY FAVOURITE SPORT IS FOOTBALL!
15.-Sara goes to the school? YES,SHE GOES.
Este mismo lo envie a otra chica,espero que te sirva