debo colocar correctamente el verbo el del parentesis y el adverbio en la oracion (esta al final)

1 doctors_____(work)in the evenings. OFTEN

2.we____(be)at home on saturday.ALWAYS

3.what time__you__(have)lunch?USUALLY parents____(go) to the cinema.ONCE A YEAR

5.I_____(be)in bed before 10 p.m. HARDLY EVER

6.____your sister___(play) your computer games?SOMETIMES

7.michelle ___(not listen) to the radio. EVERY DAY.




1 doctors often works in the evenings. 

2.we always are at home on saturday.

3.what time have you usually lunchUSUALLY parents go to the cinema one a year.

5.I hardly ever am in bed before 10 p.m.

6.Does your sister play your computer games soemtimes?

7.michelle don´t listen to the radio every day.