Can I sit next to the window?
There was a really strange man standing next to me at the station.
The club is situated next to the tennis courts.
Steve lives nex to a lake, so we will be able to go swimming.
The baby sleeps in the room next to her parents.
Do you mind if I sit next to you?
He enjoys living next to the ocean.
The car next to hers is mine.
He lives next to Emily.
West Bay Holiday Park is situated right next to the beach.

The sign over the door said "Exit".
He held the umbrella over both of us.
There is an old bridge over that river.
They live in an apartment over the store.
She put her hands over her ears.
He spilled coffee all over my dress.
From your window there is a magnificent view over the gardens.
Can you see the French flag flying over that building?
Sandra’s brother lives just over the road from our house.
The plane was flying over the Channel.

The author's name is printed below the title.
Do you usually wear your skirts above or below the knee?
From the top of the skyscraper the cars below us looked really tiny.
Someone is having a party in the apartment below.
For further information, see below.
During the night, temperatures dropped below zero.
The college will not accept candidates with test scores below 60.
The team’s performance has been below average.
Officers below the rank of captain receive no special benefits.
In the sentences below, underline the noun phrases, adverb phrases, and prepositional phrases.

What time does the flight from Paris arrive?
The wind is coming from the north.
He sent me a postcard from Miami.
She took her hairbrush from her handbag and began to brush her hair.
This red wine is from California.
Remove the pan from the heat.
She collects coins from all over the world.
We live a few miles from the city.
He is usually in his office from 9:00 to 6:00.
Let’s watch the fireworks from the roof.