Mily: Hi Luis are going to do?
Luis: Hi, Mily'm doing a volcano for science class.
Mily: I've done my volcano.
Luis: You can go to buy paint
Mily: Alright
Luis: Thanks
Mily: You're welcome
Luis: It's almost ready
Mily: I'm pretty
Luis: Thanks Do you I can ask a question?
Mily: Clear
Luis What do you want to be in the near future?
Mily: I do not know, even missing 3 years to finish school ..
Luis: Yes, but only three years
Mily: Let's take a juice
Luis: Yeah

In the juice bar:
Waiter: I want to make juice?
Mily: Two of papaya
Waiter: Take your juices
Mily: this delicious
Luis: How much is the bill?
Waiter: Twenty dollars
Luis: That which
Mily: You have, well I do
Luis: Thank you then do not worry duelvo
  Luis: Goodbye see you in school you
Mily: Bye