¡La mejor respuesta!
I am going to writte my homework but  i can't make them because i will think in my vacation . i would like to travel to europe or america but i need to work for that i'm going to work the monday, with the money that i win i would like to buy my tickets airplane for europe when i will be there i would like to visit ifel tower where i would take pictures with the people of there, after i will go to the shopping to the mall, because i would like to give present to my family. after maybe i would like to travel to japon because i wanna know the new technology and i'll buy a car  if i would have a money but if i cuold be i would like to buy a building there. return to the real life now i 'am going to drink water because i'm thirsty, after maybe i'll go to play with my friends in their house and i'll eat cookies with milk if i have luky i'll see to my best friend.

creo que esto al escribirlo se te haran 20 lineas ya que aqui se resume por el tipo de letra suerte si te dfalta me avisas y te ayudo :)