Hay solo 10 de cada una no se me ocurrieron mas sorry ojala te sirva un poco

Supongo que ya conoces un poco de cómo se convierten los adjetivos en comparativos y superlativos. Las oraciones quedarían así:

John IS taller THAN Geoge
Elisa IS more intelligent THAN Jane
Michael's car IS faster THAT Luke's car
My sister IS younger THAN me
Mexico City IS bigger THAN Toluca
That book IS better THAT the other one
My hair IS longer THAN yours
That painting IS more beautiful THAN this one
The coffee IS hotter THAN the tea
My brother IS shorter THAN me

En superlativo, tienes que mencionar el grupo completo de comparación.

Peter IS the tallest OF THE class
Einsten IS the most intelligent OF ALL
The Lamborgini IS the fastest car OF THE Italian cars
My cousin IS the youngest OF THE family
Mexico City IS the biggest city OF THE country
Webster Dictionary IS the best OF THE English dictionaries
Lilly HAS the longest hair OF ALL my friends
The Mona Lisa IS the most famous OF ALL paintings in the world
This cocoa IS the hottest OF ALL in the cafetería
This IS the shortest man OF ALL the world

Ojalá te sirva...

Comparative :my hause is more beautiful than yours
superlative :the scorpions is the meanest animal in the jungle
comparative :whales are bigger than dolphins
comparative :dolphins is more playful than whales
superlative :seals are the most athletic animals
comparative :english is funnier than spanish 
superlative :my friend is the tallest
superlative :strawberry is the most delicious fruits
comparative :miss _______ is more beautiful than miss ________.
comparative :cherries are more delicious than bananas.
hay tienes 10