Xfa ordeneme este dialogo en ingles y español

A) hi,i`m david lee.what´s your name?
I´m a doctor ,too! nice to meet you linda
nice to meet you ,too
my name ´s linda bayer. I´m a doctor

B) hi, helen,glad to meet you
hello, sara . how are you?
fine, thank you. thi is my friend helen , from new zealand

C) hi,Mr. Trexo : where are you from?
I´m from portugal and you?
good morning . I´m Mrs . silvia Trexor
I´m from poland . nice to meet you



A) Hi, I´m david lee. Hola, soy David lee
 What´s your name? Cual es tu nombre?
My name is linda bayer.Mi nombre es linda bayer
Nice too meet you linda. ---- Mucho gusto linda
Nice to meet you too--- Mucho gusto tambien
I´m doctor---- soy doctor
I´m doctor too ---- yo tambien soy doctor
B) hello, sara . how are you?   Hola, sara como estas?
 fine, thank you. this is my friend helen , from new zealand --- Bien gracias, helen este es mi amigo, de nueva Zelanda
 hi, helen,glad to meet you ----- Hola Helen Gusto en conocerte

C) hi,Mr. Trexo  I´m Mrs . sylvia Trexor--- Hola Sr Trexo, soy la señorita sylvia Trexor
where are you from?   --- De donde eres?
good morning,  I´m from portugal and you?--- buenos dias, soy de portugal, y tu?
 I'm from poland  --- soy de polonia
 nice to meet you---  mucho gusto