These are the answers.
Teresa uses these shoes.
I use these clothes to work in the garden.
Who needed these pencils?
Why use these when you can use those?

This table is brown Esta mesa es cafe
This flower is pink Esta flore es rosa
This book is big Este libro es grande
This pencil is short Este lapiz esta corto
This toy is little Este juguete es pequeño

This is mine-esto es mio
this is my new car-este es mi carro nuevo
this is yours-esto es tuyo
this is my room-esta es mi haitación
this is my notebook-esta es mi libreta
this is my dog- este es mi perro
look at this!- mira esto!
these are tables-esas son mesas
what are these? -que son esas
these pencils are mine- esos lapices son mios
i like these dogs- me agradan esos perros
these backpacks are blue-esas mochilas son azules
these are yours- estos son tuyos