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- I will be a good student.

- We will be old friends.

- He will be your husband.

- The pencil will be on the desk.

- She will be absent from class tomorrow.

- The sky will be clear.

- The child will be in the garden.

- It will be a pleasant day.

- She will be here tomorrow.

- He will be a businessman.

- He will be a lawyer.


- I Will not dance all night
- I won´t go to work all night.
- She will not take the day off tomoorrw
- She won´t go to school next year.
- I will not have money by then.
- I will not give you more time.
- I will not swim.

- She will not read the newspaper tomorrow.

- We will not come to school by bus.

- You will not work very hard.

- She will not like to sit  in the sun.

- We will not play in the park next week.


- Will she read the newspaper tomorrow?

- Will we come to school by bus?

- Will you work very hard?

- Will she like to sit  in the sun?

- Will we play in the park next week?

- Will he watch his son in the race?

- Will the store be open until seven o’clock?

- Will the plant die because of lack of sunshine?

- Will we try to arrive on time?

- Will he walk to school? 

Going to
- I going to pay you
- You going to kiss you 
- They going to play soccer
- You going to play tennis
- I going to play with you
- You going to love me 
- They going to hith hem
- The going to gave you a punch
- My going to buy a car
- She going to buy a pizza

- I am not going to have an exam tomorrow.
- It is not going to rain.
- She is not going to come.
- The train is not going to leave.
- We are not going to see a movie.

- Sascha is going to work this weekend
- They are going to study math.
- We are going to play golf this week.
- They are going to ask to the teacher.
- The dog’s going to be happy.  

- Are you going to work tomorrow?
- Are they going to study?
- Are you going to ask about that?
- Are you goint to watch the movie?
- Is he going to be a Doctor?
- Is Maria going to play the guitar?
- Are they going to buy a car?
- Are they going to stay in their house?
- Is she going to play golf?
- Is Pedro going to buy clothe?