Write notes about one of your earliest memories. Use the questions to help you.

1 How old were you? Where were you? Who were you with? How were you feeling? 2 Describe the scene. What were you/other people doing? What was the weather like?

3 What happened? Describe the events. How did you feel?



One of my earliest memories is the moment when I met my father for the very first time. I remember it was my fourth birthday, and I was finally able to meet my very own dad. Me and my mom had lived in Poland, but he had been working abroad, in Germany. I don't particularly remember the images well - but I do recall all of the emotions. I can still feel my father's strong, warm hands scooping me up and cradling me like a newborn infant. It was an inexplicable feeling of security - although there was a snowstorm outside, I felt so safe in my father's arms. I will never forget that day.