where are apples?

where is maria?
where is the book?
where is the cat of my friend?
where are the children?

I wake up early. 
I go to school everyday. 
I like to play the piano. 
I'm good at singing. 
I live in Colombia. 

I don't wake up early, 
I don't go to school everyday. 
I don't like to play the piano. 
I'm not good at singing. 
I don't live in Colombia. 

Do you wake up early? 
Do you go to school everyday? 
Do you like to play the piano? 
Are you good at singing? 
Do you live in Colombia?

Oraciones afirmativas:
1. I have a dog called Pluto
2. My sister is 10 years old and she loves singing
3. I live in a big house
4. I really love riding horses
5. I excercice every day
1. I dont like eating vegetables
2. My mom doesnt let me come back home late in the ninght
3. My best friend didnt tell me the true
4. My teacher didnt congratellated me for my homework
5. I dont like going to the supermarket
preguntas con where:
1. whe have you been?
2. where did you leave the keys?
3. where did you study yesterday?
4. whe was the party?
5. where did you buy taht beautiful jacket?