1- What time does she get up? 2- Does he want a tea? 3- Does she want a glass of water? 4- Does it work? 5- What does a teacher do? 6- What does he want to do? 7- Does he study? 8- Where does she play? 9- When does it work? 10- What does he teach?11- What do you want to do? 12- How do you make this? 13- When do we eat? 14- What do you search for? 15- Do they have the reason? 16- Do they have the bycicle? 17- Do you have some coffee? 18- Do I have the power? 19- Do I must help? 20- Do you play videogames?Saludos
¡La mejor respuesta!
1. i do my homework every day
2. she do the presentation
3. does she dance?
4. do you happy?
5. he doesn´t play football
6. do they play tennis?
7. i do the ironing
8. do we pass the exams?
9. do you like pizza?
10. she often do karate
11. do you remember me?
12. i do ski every winter
13. we do the dinner every friday
14. does she want to cook?
15. do you like pizza?
16 i don´t remember you name
17. you do the cake 
18. do your bed
19. they do the writing part
20. does he like computers?
espero que te sirvan, chao