1.-the rule is beside the pencil
2.-i am beside of you
3.-the cat is beside the dog
4.-the bed is beside the closet
5.-the dish is beside the glass
6.-the supermarket is beside the park
1.-the teacher is between the students
2.-the pencil is between  the pens
3.-the boy is between the girls
4.-the dog is between the cats
5.-the animals are between the humans
6.-the singer is between famous people
1.-the tv is up the floor
2.-the light is up the ground
3.-the sun is up the sky
4.-the cable is up the street
5.-the  man is up the house
6.-the dog is up the roof
1.-the cat is down the chair
2.-the pencil is down the backpack
3.-the ball is down the car
4.-the shoes are down the bed
5.-the cellphone is down the box
6.-the paper is down the notebook