1. The obsessed with his son believes that no child has ever done such amazing things and fun as his son, who publishes information on social media constantly.
Two. The "political": cutting shared political views quite aggressive and is convinced that their ideas are the only valid ones.
Three. The "snoop" rarely own content published on social networks, and is limited to "snoop" what other users on these platforms.
April. The extrovert: publishes all kinds of personal information on social networks, also one that would not even dare to say out loud.
May. The Cyclothymic: your life in social networks suffers constant and abrupt changes, sometimes others are euphoric and feel totally depressed.
June. The presumed humble constantly talks about himself and does so with false humility, trying to hide his egocentricity.
July. The mysterious contents published as vague and mysterious to provoke reactions and questions among his friends.
August. The "spoiler": no doubt final burst of TV series and movies on social networks.
9. The "picky": comments always exude negativity and sarcasm. The main target of his criticism are the pictures of your friends on social networks.
10. The friendly: always try to be nice to everyone, so that very often is false.