1.Yesterday was a very nice day
2.When I woke up this morning I didn't feel like going to school
3.My friend said that's not true
4.I had a shower with freezing water
5.We ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere
6.My mum asked me to look after my brother last saturday
7.Last year was very important for the children of the world
8.Spain got its Constitution in 1978
9.Franco died today 23 years ago
10.The 2nd Republic was a very nice time
11.The 80s were a huge time for music
12.As I arrived this morning the lesson had already begun
13.No sooner had I gone to bed,the noise downstairs started
14.The policemen arrested my father because he used to sell drugs to children
15.When my mother got out of jail,my grandmother changed the lock
16.The chicken you cooked yesterday was delicious
17.It started to rain and I didn't have an umbrella
18.When I killed the man,some people helped me cover the body
19.What did you say before?
20.I tried to keep up with the Johneses but it was a waste of time