I will study tomorrow.
We will win next time.
She will be my girlfriend.
My best friend will come home next week.
The things you do will get you in trouble.


I'm going to buy drinks "and" snacks.
I am going to your party, "but" a little bit late.
Are your parents going to the meeting "or" not?
"Although" I'm going to stay, I don't care.
They're not going to leave "because" is raining hard.
He's not going to dance "because of" you!

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I will study for my exam.

she is going to wash the plates

he will have a meeting tomorrow.

I will watch tv.

she will go to a bar tonight

he will travel to madrid the next weekend.

my mother is going to buy a car.

my brother will play tennis with his friends.

we are going to wash the car.