7. The first one is done as an example.
1. John loves to go to restaurants (which, that) serve spicy food.
-Eleazar loves to go to restaurants.
- Sanborn’s restaurants serve spicy food.

2. He likes tacos with chili’s (that, who) set his mouth on fire.

3. Indian curry, (which, that) is hot and spicy, makes him smile. ________________________________________________________________________________ 4. If John gets a pizza, he adds red pepper, (which, who) the waiter brings to the table. _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. He must have a stomach (who, that) is very strong. ________________________________________________________________________________6. John is a person (who, which) never gets sick from food. ________________________________________________________________________________7. He can eat everything (that, which) the waiter brings. ________________________________________________________________________________8. John also brings spicy food to work. _______________________________________________________________________________



That, which, which, that, who, that.