1; Where are you from?
im from canada , i was born there and i love it so much.

2; When did you born? and where?
i born in mexico on october 16 of 1992 so now im 16 years old.

3; Who's your best friend?
My best friend is Carla i meet her on mexico in my high school.

4; Where does your mom works?
she work on mexico city in L.G. company.

5; Whats your favorite movie?
my favorite movie is twilight i just see it on monday

6; Where are you going on vacation?
im going to denver on vacation,its a cool place to visit thats why we always go there on vacation.

7; What's the name of a tv serie you like?
the name of i tv serie that i like is Friends, i have fun seeing that serie its cool , i recomended to you.

8; Where did you buy your clothes?, they're sweet..
i buy my clothes at liverpool i love that store ,i always spend 459 dlls buying clothes .

9; Do you like computers?
yes i love them because we can talk , see videos , we can use internet ,listen music and etc.