Chapter 1: In the hutch.

Alicia was in her garden with her sister, when he sees a rabbit passing White. Alice follows him, gets into the burrow and falls into a seemingly endless tunnel. It falls on a mantle full of doors and as you touch or drink there increases as their size decreases. Try taking different to penetrate through a small door leading to a beautiful garden.

Chapter 2: The Pool of Tears.

Not working as intended (through the door) gets to mourn, and as its size was huge, before long, it forms a pond with her tears. Then at empequeñeser, nothing to shore and meets with a mouse and a number of animals. To dry, makes a career of mess.

Chapter 3: A jumble career and a long story.

Alicia distributed prizes to everyone, she received her award. The mouse promises to tell his story and the reason for his hatred of cats. He begins to tell his story, but being interrupted repeatedly by Alicia, remove offended. At the mention that Alicia makes her cat, soon removed the rest of the animals. Alicia gets to mourn, but soon heard steps: It was the rabbit.

Chapter 4: The Rabbit sends a visitor.

The rabbit was looking for his gloves. The rabbit took Alice for her Maid and sent Alice to find his gloves. In reaching this Alicia takes the gloves, but here again a succession occurs resize according drink or eat something, while on occasion grows so as not to get most of his body in the house, or to empequeñeser much as to disappear. Then manages and runs out into the forest, where he meets a puppy he wanted to play with it. Manages to run away.