Hello my name is____and this is a list of the things i like
-I play a lot of games, i have a Nintendo Wii (o la consola k te de la gana poner) and a PC
-I go to school from monday to friday, i start at 8:00, so i meet my friends ten minutes earlier and we chat (talk) a lot in the way. I like this ten minutes....
-I love music, so i listen a lot of songs everyday
-I draw a litle before lunch. Today i draw a frog
- i Cook a cake all mondays
- i Sculpt with my sister a figure every week
- i write a book on my free time, i ....y me aburrio,
es k escribir en presente sólo es un rollo xDDD

God loves (loved) me so much that he shows(showed) me every day his grace. He has (had)gift for me, a gift of love thru his son Jesus.
When I get (got) up in the morning I know (knew) he is (was)there for me, to help (helped) me and give (gave)me hope. He has (had) a plan for my life.