Los zapatos son demasiado GRANDES.
Mi padre es muy ALTO.
Yo conozco a esa chica RUBIA.
Tu madre es muy SIMPÁTICA.
Las BUENAS obras siempre son recompensadas.
Ese chico es muy MALO.
Este ordenador es muy AVANZADO.
Te recomiendo una camiseta AZUL.
Mi hermana es muy SENSIBLE.

¡La mejor respuesta!


1- Your eyes are the most beautiful in the world

2- His soccer team is the most amazing team

3- That restaurant is the most expensive in the city

4- This mall is the most wonderful mall in my city

5- This exam is the most difficult I've seen in my life

6- My boyfriend is the most handsome guy in my class

7- This tv show is the most interesting I've seen

8- These shoes are the most uncomfortable I've had

9- That girl is the most ridiculous I've ever met

10- That rich man is the most selfish man in the world



1- I'm the shortest in my class

2- This blouse is the cheapest in this store

3- That song is the saddest I've listened

4- That building is the highest in this city

5- That store is the cheapest store in this mall

6- This comedy is the funniest tv show I've seen

7- That guy is the nicest guy i've ever met

8- This dres is the ugliest dress in this store

9- She has the longest hair in this class

10- This is the worst movie I've seen in my life