The skay is in my eyes, I don´t have a body
Is the moment of death the truth of absence?
Is the moment of life the fire of purity?
Is the moment of light!
Is the moment of flight!
Where is the worry?
The plenitude absorbed my mind
The sea is like silk
The wind is slipknots
The space is my country
The kisses of time disappeared; carried me
To essence, to the cell, to the knowledge
No more pain; no longer the need to worry
No more memory
Only my blue heart!
Just blue envelopes me in it´s cloak!


The way is not the way is the fight

With the unknown with the luck with destiny

And what is that when you feel in your blood

the furious wishes of a better world?

You call a god to combat the reason of existence

You feel the incompetence the conflict the unreasonable

You feel the guidelines of how to stop in the side

Dreaming with other ways. Watching your eyes impassive

doing nothing

And I perceived the weather

The rain over my bones, the storm, the rays

The intentions, the naked bodies crossing one side to another

Without homes, without hopes, and alones…and women

wandering in a men’s planet. Cells all over the ways

intelligent or foolish cells that kill us. I still walking

and looking for at least a single cell, or a tiny-segment-matter

showing me love!