ALGUIEN QUE SEPA INGLES ME PUEDE DECIR SI ESTÄ REDACCION ESTÄ BIEN ECHA? Si algun verbo que este mal o lago que me avise y si es posible que corrija los errores PD: Si no la vas a leer y quieres ganar puntos te aseguro que borrare tú respuesta.


The TV is a system for the transmission and reception of moving pictures and remote sound and employing a diffusion mechanism. The term television refers to all aspects of transmission and television programming.

The first time that television used in 1900 at the International Electrical Congress of Paris (CIEP).

Who invented television was John Logie Baird was born in Helensburgh, Scotland, on 13th August of 1888 and died in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, England, on 14th June of 1946, it was a Scottish engineer and physicist.

In 1925, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird maked the first experience using two disks, one at the transmitter and another in the receiver, which were attached to the same rotation axis so that their out synchronously and separated by 2 mm.

he investigated the possibility of transmitting images away in 1992.

The World Television Day is celebrated on 21th of November.



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Está bién escrito, solamente en la parte de ¨...used in 1900 at the International Electrical Congress of Paris (CIEP)¨  pondría un was para que quedase así ¨...used in 1900 was at the International Electrical Congress of Paris (CIEP)¨.

Por otra parte la información no se si es correcta, es decir, unicamente he corregido el vocabulario y la gramatica.

En caso de ser correcta, reconozco que ha sido bastante interesante, ya que desconocía su história.

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