PRESENTE PERFECTO hola la necesito con urgencia MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!!! por adelantado

1)Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfect simple).

I (not / work) __________today. We (buy) _________a new lamp. We (not / plan) _________our holiday yet. Where (be / you)_______________________? He (write) _____________five letters. She (not / see) _______________him for a long time. (be / you) _______________at school? School (not / start) ___________________yet. (speak / he) ________________to his boss? No, he (have / not) _________________the time yet

2)Write questions in present perfect simple.

you / answer / the question Jenny / lock / the door Walter / call / us you / see / the picture your parents / get / the letter it / rain / a lot how often / we / sing / the song Maureen / watch / the film how many books / Bob / read ever / you / be / to London

3) Write positive sentences in present perfect simple

The following people have just completed an action.

Bob / visit / his grandma Jimmy / play / on the computer Sue and Walter / wash / their car Andrew / repair / his bike





haven't worked today.

We have bought a new lamp.

We haven't planned our holiday yet.

Where have you been?

He has written five letters.

She hasn't seen him for a long time.

Have you been at school?

School hasn't started yet.

Has he spoken to his boss?

No, he haven't the time yet.




Have you answered a question?

Has Jenny locked the door?

Has Walter called us?

Have you seen the picture?

Have your parents got the letter?

Has ir rained a lot?

How often have we sung the song?

Has Maureen watched the film?

How many books has Bob read?

Have you ever been to London?




Bob has visited his grandma.

Jimmy has played on the computer.

Sue and Walter have washed their car.

Andrew has repaired his bike.