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A Cristmas´ day

It was a cold,dark and rainy night in December. I was at house and i was watching tv with my boyfriend. He give me a Christmas present. Merry christmas!, he said. I was very happy.

Suddenly, a thief broke into my house. I was very afraid, but my boyfriend looked calm. You can steal a lot of things, but don´t hurt us, my boyfriend said. We gave him all my jewellery and my money. Then, the burglar got out through the window.

My boyfriend calmed down me. Don´t worry, he said. We should phone the police, I said. He didn´t want. It was very strange.

Next day, my boyfriend was sleeping. I decided to phone the police. When he woke up, the police was at the living room. He went to the kitchen and he had breakfast. Then, he went to the living room. 

The police recognized my boyfriend. He was a very popular thief. He knew the other thief. They were in a thief band and they stole together. I was sad, but I could retrieve all my stolen things.