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I work harder than him
She do it better than me
This shirt is more expensive than the other one
Alice teaches worse than my mother.
Can you make everything easier?
He's more polite than my own son.
My dog grows faster than yours
It's my turn, you were longer than me.
My necklace is fancier!
Watching the film is borier than listening to music.


I am the most beautiful student in the class
It's the hardest thing I've ever done.
This pen is the biggest!!
You are the boriest guy i've ever met.
Your thoughts are the darkest
My voice sounds loudest than other noise in the house.
He is the most perfect man.
Is that the strangest story that have you heard?
This exercise is the longest i've ever write.
I want the shortest skirt in the shop!
I need the hotest jacket.