Hello. how are you?
Good, thank you.
What did you do yesterday. I called you you, but no one answered.
I was out with some friends.
We went to the cinema.
What did you watch?
We watched Pans Labyrinth.
I heard that this movie was very interesting.
I hated it.
Because there was so much blood.
Don't you like blood?
Since I was young, I hated blood. I was always scared of it.
I understand. When I was 5, I had an accident. I hated looking at blood after that.
Really? What happened?
Well, my mom liked to chop vegetables to make salad and so she dropped the knife. It dropped on my feet. I was hurt a lot.
Stop telling me. I can't stand listening to this.



espero q este dialogo te ayude



A: ¡Hola José! ¿Cómo estás? J: bien, el tanque de ti, y Ana? A: muy bien también. A: ¿Qué salisteis ayer? J: Fui a una fiesta. A: ohh! y qué hiciste allí? J: Me comí una deliciosa carne y bebí muchas cervezas. A: So! usted acaba de ir a beber? J: mmm jeje! , No, yo también jugaba al fútbol y luego hablé con mis amigos de toda la noche. A: ¡guau! Fue muy divertido!