I travel to London every week.
They run in the park every Saturdays.
My mother cleans the house. 
Mary works in a bank.
John walks to his office.
You study English at school. 
We live in Paris.
I always visit my grandmother.
Alice goes to the church.
My cousin paints the house.
Esas son afirmativas
Italian people don't eat a lot of pasta.
The train from Madrid doesn't arrive at 2:45.
Tom doesn't like cooking very much.
Sarah doesn't play cards on Mondays.
The Thames doesn't flow through London.
Some Americans don't drink six cups of coffee a day.
The spaghetti doesn't taste delicious.
The evening performance doesn't start at 8:30.
Helen doesn't work as a shop assistant.
Susan doesn't take a shower everyday.
Esas son negativas
Do you walk to school? 
Does Ronda eat a banana in the morning? 
Does your father like parrots? 
Does Wendy share a room with her sister? 
Does it rain a lot in England? 
Do the friends do sports after school? 
Do Susan and Jack go camping in summer? 
Do they invite their friends to the party? 
Do we wait at the bus stop? 
Does he smile in the mornings?
Susan always smiles. 
George seldom laughs. 
We rarely frown. 
He is handsome. 
She is beautiful.
I study English.
He plays tennis.
I work in a ban
I leave Madrid tomorrow morning
I don't play tennis.
She doesn´t go to the cinema. 
We don´t know the answer.
Do you play football?
Does she go to the cinema? 
Do we know the answer?
I like hamburgers.
Does he play the guitar?
Do you like hamburgers?
She is not at home.
He is not very tall.


thedoy los q tengaok

1whats that noise?josep IS LOOKING(LOOK)for car his rooom

2i never(go)to the church

3thacher lady (speak)two lenguajes

4i dont remember (not/remember)that kind of music

5you dont forget(not/forget)the home work

6tom playing(play) a computer game at the moment

7your sister wals(walk)to school every day

8mr and mrs robins are began (be) on holiday

9my sistersis seen(see) her boy friend twice a week

10 her parents are working(work) for a mot